Asset Tokenization

Bring every physical assets in world into digital with Blockchain Technology


Business Findings

Working with issuer to understand nature and feasibility


Compliance & Due Diligence

Check with applicable laws and regulations


Asset Tokenization & Custodian

Develop token in respect of the project


Token Listing & Trading

Develop webpage for issuer and in contact with exchange

How Asset Tokenization Works?

As blockchain technology moving fast, the smart contract has been introduced to various industries, not only finance.

Satang is the first company to provide an initial coin offering (ICO) service for a subsidiary of a listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). They have been successfully raised 20 million USD within a couple of days in the Thailand market.

Not only ICO, but we are also looking into security token offering (STO). We partner with a law firm in NYC to present at The Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand.

With the current non-fungible token (NFT) becoming popular in the art and music industries, we are confident that we can help our clients succeed in raising funds through ICO, STO, and NFT through auction or other mechanisms with blockchain and smart contract technology.

Interested in Tokenization

Our Background

Satang has experienced in asset tokenization using blockchains

Not many companies in Thailand are experienced with doing fundraising through ICO and STO. Satang is in the best position because we are pioneers in the fields before there was a digital asset royal decree from the Thai government. Many times we have given our knowledge to help them shape the policy. Our people leading in the fields were working from a renowned company and studying on leading universities.